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Dear potential team member,

Thank you for your interest in joining IMP, the profit-driven Digital Marketing Agency for E-commerce and B2B businesses worldwide.

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Being a member of IMP, you will have the opportunity to learn and grow by solving problems that really matter to our clients and our team. We are not a collection of superstars, but an engaged team that complements each other and works closely to achieve results together.

Some companies and brands that we have worked with 

All members, regardless of their position and status, are treated with respect and open communications.
We all welcome challenges that help us grow. And we truly care about each member, but not in an intrusive manner.


You would be a great fit for IMP if you have the following characteristics: 
The desire to do things that matter
The ability to communicate openly and respectfully
High responsibility
Attention to detail
A growth mindset and a thirst for learning
If you believe that IMP is where you belong,
please check out the following positions that we are hiring:
“Sorry, we don’t have any vacancy at the moment.”
And if you don’t see a suitable vacancy but still want to find an opportunity to be a part of IMP,
please contact us and send us your profile. We are always looking for proactive and capable candidates.


Thank you and we look forward to hearing from you,
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