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Do these SEO issues sound familiar?

Lower Search Rankings
Outdated Or Irrelevant Content 
Duplicate Content Issues
Broken Images
Poor Link Quality And Quantity
Declining Organic Traffic
Slow Site Speeds
High Bounce Rates

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Audit Process

Technically audit on the website, website’s Onpage errors
List technical errors that need to be adjusted
Propos solutions and instructions to fix those errors (if any)

Common Issues

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SEO Audit Packages

Grab the key that holds the power to redefine your search ranking.
(Optional) 30-minute call for issue explanation and instructions
Key Takeaways & Recommendations
Encoding & Technical Factors Audit
URLs, Links & Images
Page Structure Analysis
Page Speed Review
Indexing and Crawlability
~4 weeks



Why IMP Marketing?

We are result-oriented

We focus on identifying the key issues that hold back your website's traffic growth, aiming to make it more conducive to Google Search Engine optimization.

Customized solutions

Our SEO audit is tailored to your specific needs, identifying areas for improvement and providing actionable recommendations that align with your goals.

Support Call

You will have a 30-minute call with our experts to receive detailed explanations of the issues affecting your website's SEO performance, along with instructions for improvement.

Effective communication

We maintain responsiveness and professionalism. Our messages are concise, clear, easy to understand, and well-documented.
IMP Marketing is a Growth Marketing Agency for Global E-commerce companies. Our mission is to help businesses like yours increase their profits sustainably.

We work closely with you to launch, manage, and grow your e-commerce store effectively and transparently.

Our collaboration can save you both money and time, so you can spend those valuable resources on doing what's best for your business.

We Bring Millions of Dollars to Our Clients

One-Stop Shop For Your E-commerce Store

We offer a full range of services designed to support your growth journey, whether your monthly revenue is in the thousands or millions of USD

Shopify Store Setup and Management

Paid Media Management: Meta Ads, Google Ads, Pinterest Ads

Growth Audit
Email Marketing & SMS
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Campaign Planning and Execution

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The duration of an SEO audit varies based on your website's size and complexity, typically taking around 4 weeks to complete. Conducting a thorough audit is crucial to avoid overlooking any crucial aspects.
1. How long does an SEO audit take?
We categorize recommendations into 'high,' 'medium,' or 'low' categories based on their SEO impact and implementation complexity. 'High priority' denotes significant gains, while 'medium and low priority' issues have a less urgent impact.
2. How do you prioritize issues discovered during an audit?
Yes, we offer end-to-end SEO services, seamlessly implementing recommendations from our audits. Our expert team transforms insights into actionable strategies for optimal online performance. Connect with us to elevate your SEO success.
3. Do you offer services to implement audit recommendations?
An SEO audit captures the current health of your website's SEO, pinpointing areas for enhancement. The insights from the audit inform to guide the development of a tailored SEO strategy, facilitating resource allocation and task prioritization for optimal results.
4. How does an SEO audit work within an SEO strategy?

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