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1. Context
Our client K is a tourism company based in Taiwan. Their business service is customized tourism packages in Asian countries. K's target customers are young people who like to travel abroad and frequently use the internet, particularly the social network Facebook.

Despite being successful in other countries, K faced a challenge: Vietnamese tourists are accustomed to traveling with an included tour package rather than a self-scheduled trip. The problem K needed to solve in the Vietnam market is how to reach a group of young customers who prefer self-planned travel without spending a lot of money on advertising.

2. IMP’s Solution
With the target set by the company, IMP researched market demand, competitors, and in-house products. As a result, it is recommended to use Inbound Marketing. To be more specific, the implementation stages are as follow:
- Audit and optimize the existing blog with over 120 articles;
- Create a complete list of global tourism industry keywords;
- Collaborate with the company to create and optimize the content of SEO blogs with an existing keyword list;
- Create, publish and press over 2,000 SRM (search reputation management) articles at the top of Google’s search result page, with more than 7,000 keywords.

3. Result
After two years of implementation, IMP increased the blog’s monthly organic traffic from 6,000 to 100,000 sessions. This number continues to grow over time, taking the K company to the forefront when users require travel information and self-planned travel products.
4. Campaign evaluation
The Inbound Marketing solution helped the brand reach high rankings while delivering valuable content to customers. Through this campaign, IMP realized this is the suitable solution to build credibility and image, educate the customers and increase organic traffic as well as getting high rankings on the search results page.

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